Product: Sankaku Tent

A tent exclusively made for solo use.
The weight including pegs and guylines is less than 700kgs (1543 lbs).
This tent does not come with pegs and guylines. Please purchase them separately if you require them.

Estimated Retail Price: $175 (excluding tax)
Material: 30-denier rip-stop nylon (2000mm water proof pressure urethane coating)
Water Proof: Water-proofed by seam tape (sealing tape, Japanese made)
Measurement: W110cm x L230cm x H100cm (W43.3” x L90.6” x H39.4”)
Weight: 500g (1102lbs) (including the stuff bag, excluding pegs and guylines)
Color: PANTONE 3275C (Emerald Green)

Here are some FAQ’s about Sankaku Tent.

It will also relate to the waterproof function, but the tent material itself is 30-denier rip-stop nylon with 2000mm waterproof pressure urethane coating.
We did not use existing material, but had it produced particularly for this product.
However, as it is not the final specification, and the waterproof pressure may somewhat change.

• Water proofing
Separate from waterproof processing, we sealed the seams with seam tapes.
Some zelt products may have seams without seam tapes, but we ensured that the seams are all sealed by seam tapes, as we think it would be the key sales point of this product.
As we use Nisshinbo’s seam tapes, it is highly unlikely that water leaks from the seams.

• Measurement
The measurement of the product is almost final.
I decided to make this tent as existing tents were too small for me, and I think the 230cm length is a must.
With this size, you can have your backpack, boots and all inside of the tent, and you do not have to sweat at sudden rain.

• Color
The color is not final, but I intend to adopt PNTONE 3275C Emerald Green.
However, I am also considering white, yellow and red as well.
White is hard to dismiss.

Cautions: Must read.
・Do not use fire inside or in proximity of the tent.
・Do not put anything in front of the vent or cover it. Do not use in wintertime as condensation may hinder the ventilation.
・In case of a defective product, please send it back to us. We will repair, or exchange it for free.
Please note, however, damages caused by wrong uses, or outside of manufacturer’s defects, they will be paid repairs.